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Welcome to the L-3 Link Supplier portal. The intent of this website is to reduce the amount of paperwork we jointly process and provide our supplier base with the most up to date information regarding your business relationship with L-3 Link. Any suggestions to improve the utility of this facility would be graciously appreciated.

L-3 Link understands that our success is largely dependent upon the identification, selection and retention of best in class suppliers. L-3 Link is committed to providing a fair and impartial environment, thus providing equal opportunity for suppliers to compete for our awards. We seek to build long term relationships with suppliers who consistently achieve the cost, quality and delivery objectives set forth in our requirements documents. These suppliers are incorporated into our supplier rating and assessment database, which we rigorously maintain and monitor. We will continue to strive to obtain best value through our procurement selection processes to the mutual benefit of L-3 Link, our suppliers and our customers.

Given that procurement personnel are the sole entities within L-3Link who are authorized to commit our company for procurement of goods and services, you are urged to periodically visit this site for the latest information concerning procurement details. The Material Quality contact information below is provided to assist our suppliers with any questions they may have concerning L-3 Link Manufacturing Standards [LMS] or material workmanship. We hope this method of disseminating information is beneficial to all and look forward to a mutually rewarding future.


 Horizon Support


Horizon Customer Support is now located at the following site:

 Contact Information


Procurement Department
L-3 Link Simulation & Training
2116 Arlington Downs Rd
Arlington, TX 76011-6382
Phone: 817-619-4917
Fax: 817-619-2759


Material Quality Assurance
L-3 Link Simulation & Training
2116 Arlington Downs Rd
Arlington, TX 76011-6382

Guy Garland
Quality Assurance Manager

Pamela Moody
Material Quality Engineer