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Instructional Systems

Improve your classroom training with instructional design that engages your audience and provides effective, measurable results. The overall effectiveness of instructional training can be dramatically improved by integrating it with an appropriate level of multimedia instruction. Some courses work best in a self-paced, single-user environments, others generate the best results when integrated into an instructor-led presentation.

Learn how you can benefit from L-3 Link Instructional Systems:

  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

    L-3 Link puts the full resources of the digital age at your fingertips with Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI). Imagine a learning environment where words, sounds images and actions are all available just when and where you need them. Well-designed IMI answers your questions, satisfies your curiosity, and enables you to transform knowledge into mastery by practicing what you’ve learned. Our IMI provides students with what they need to see and hear to accomplish job-specific tasks and activities. Various levels of interactivity provide options of increasing fidelity that bring students systematically from initial knowledge acquisition through to planning, decision-making and assessment of results as they perform complete job tasks. L-3 Link's IMI shows, tells, asks, answers, and enables. Your students learn, and prove their learning through performance.

  • Electronic Classrooms

    For over a decade, L-3 Link has been installing interactive Electronic Classrooms for the US military and commercial clients. Utilizing leading-edge technology, Electronic Classrooms provide instructors with comprehensive capabilities to present information, track progress and record student performance. The use of networked and wireless devices enhances the learning experience providing direct feedback to the instructor. Each student station can operate independently while the instructor monitors progress. Interactive lectures are developed to maximize the learning experience by maintaining student attention and focus. Configurations and courseware are developed for each unique learning environment to maximize the effectiveness of the training solution.​