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SimuSphere HD

SimuSphere® HD has been developed in response to the need for military flight simulators to provide much improved visual acuity, allowing pilots to accurately detect and identify targets from distances they experience during actual missions.

SimuSphere HD, which will first be fielded on F-16 Mission Training Center simulators, displays out-the-window imagery at unprecedented levels of resolution, brightness and contrast.

Pilots are immersed in a virtual training environment equivalent to real-world missions, far exceeding currently fielded simulators' visual display capabilities. As part of L-3 Link's HD World® simulation product line, SimuSphere HD can provide either a 180° or 360° field-of-view design solution and currently can display out-the-window imagery at 20/40 visual acuity. As digital Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) projection technology advances, SimuSphere HD will be enhanced to provide 20/20 resolution.

In support of night vision training requirements, SimuSphere HD also provides a highly realistic, stimulated night vision goggle mission capability. A pilot affixes his own night vision goggles to his helmet, steps into a cockpit surrounded by SimuSphere HD and begins to undertake a mission scenario that provides realistic halos, light blooms and a full range of effects that would be encountered during a night mission.

This advanced visual display also benefits from HD World's fully integrated simulation product solutions. Fast jet simulators integrated with SimuSphere HD also will include high definition databases, image generation systems and physics-based processing technology.