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L-3 Link’s OPTI-Train™ – which maximizes student throughput and schoolhouse resource utilization – is an integrated tool suite for schoolhouse management.

The OPTI-Train integrated tool set supports schoolhouse planning and operation in the areas of:

  • Resource management
  • Curriculum efficiency analysis
  • Schedule optimization
  • Logistics
  • Continuous training improvement

In supporting business operations automation, OPTI-Train builds a repository of data that can be mined for trend analysis and identification of training improvement opportunities. Its optimization engine models both student throughput and cost based on resources and resource availability (facilities, instructors, simulators, etc.). With this data we are able to conduct ‘what-if’ analyses to define an optimal configuration and find better ways to operate a training system.

Site Management Tools, Training Management Systems and Learning Management Systems integrate and coordinate with OPTI-Train to maximize schoolhouse scheduling and optimization.