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NVG Training

L-3 Link's Night Vision Training System provides an integrated, real-time product solution to support night vision goggle (NVG) flight simulation requirements.

Until now, many technical challenges have made realistic NVG simulation difficult to achieve. The wide range of changing light levels, from the darkest of moonless nights to the radiant glow of urban areas to the massive energy released by explosive detonation, has been a computational challenge.

L-3 Link's Night Vision Training System meets these challenges by coupling the image generation system, NVG sensor simulation, head tracking, NVG goggle displays and correlated databases into a single, integrated system.

Pilots interface with L-3 Link's Night Vision Training System solution through a high resolution NVG goggle display with a standard helmet mount. Using a predictive head tracking system, L-3 Link's PC-based SimuView® image generation systems renders the NVG scene with an integrated sensor model. Training immersion is enhanced with a richly populated material encoded database, dense star field, fully controllable moon and dynamic HUD symbology with cockpit instrument representation.