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HD World

L-3 Link’s HD World® solution provides a realistic, high-fidelity synthetic environment simulation that
immerses pilots in high definition, dynamic training scenarios. HD World supports day/night, low altitude and all-weather mission training, in addition to realistically simulating employment of a full range of weapons and sensors.

HD World significantly enhances the operational environment being simulated by adding rich, physics-based dynamic behaviors
representative of indigenous civilian and insurgent populations. By adding increased realism and clutter within a simulated urban environment, the ability for warfighters to acquire targets is hampered. Highly interactive physics-based vehicle models offer more realistic movement, consistent collision detection and results. Precision weapon effects with improved and more accurate battle damage assessment enhance training knowledge transfer. HD World allows game-based interactive role players to enter the simulation to perform a variety of roles.

To support advanced training applications, HD World fully integrates displays, image generation, databases and dynamic
environments. HD World’s product family includes SimuSphere HD®, SimuView® HD, Data Base Generation System (DBGS)
HD™, Physics Based Environment Generator (PBEG) HD® and Sensor Video Recording System (SVRS) HD™.

The Value

The HD World product family – SimuView HD, DBGS HD, PBEG HD and SVRS HD – is the next generation of integrated
simulation products. Our high definition solution fully integrates displays, image generation, databases and dynamic
environments into HD World to support advanced training applications.

  • Complex urban environments with 1,000s of entities
  • Integrates high definition displays, image generation, databases, and dynamic environments

SimuSphere HD

SimuSphere HD’s eye-limiting visual display capability supports formation flight and bogey detection/identification training at the visual acuity pilots experience during actual missions.

  • Realistic detection, Orientation, Recognition, Identification of targets throughout full 360°
  • 20/40 visual acuity, easily field upgradeable to 20/20

SimuView HD

SimuView HD provides this high level of performance on a PC-based image generator architecture. SimuView HD generates multiple high definition out-the-window scenes that fully immerse the pilot in the training environment. Robust physics-based sensor simulations (EO,IR, NVG, DRLMS) allow SimuView HD to generate high-fidelity cockpit displays.

  • Extended visibility ranges with realistic high definition targets and AOIs
  • High fidelity physics-based sensors (EO, IR, NVG, DRLMS)


PBEG improves simulated realism on modern training applications, such as the U.S. Army’s OneSAF Objective System. Existing verification and validation carries forward when an application makes the leap up to PBEG.

  • Complex urban environments with intelligent human behaviors
  • True physics-based interactions (augments existing SAFs)


L-3 Link evolved its current commercial-off-the-shelf database generation tools into DBGS HD, which provides rich, high fidelity content and correlated client run-time data bases from a Common Data Base repository.

  • Rich HD World database content including 20/20 ready features
  • Rapid generation of high detail content to support relevant training


SVRS HD provides recording and review of all instruments, sensors, video and audio produced by a trainer. In addition, SVRS HD exploits the current state-of-the-art in video compression and storage to solve problems related to monitoring ongoing training activities in real time, while simultaneously providing playback capabilities for mission debrief.

  • High definition video and audio recording, playback, and distribution system
  • Enhances training value with more effective debrief