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Fixed-Wing Simulation

At L-3 Link we are continually investing in the future of fixed-wing simulation. Understanding our customer’s requirements and meeting them with cost-effective, advanced technology solutions are key reasons why we lead the industry in the number of currently operational military fixed-wing simulators.

L-3 Link’s leadership in the number of currently operational fixed-wing simulators is marked by:

  • 35 F-22 Full Mission Trainers and Weapons Tactics Trainers
  • 140 F-16 simulators ranging from Mission Training Centers to Aircrew Training Devices
  • Nearly 90 F/A-18 Tactical Operational Flight Trainers and related Hornet/Super Hornet trainers
  • Being the sole provider of B-2 pilot training devices
  • Building new and upgrading fielded T-1A Operational Flight Trainers

Today we’re also integrating our HD World® simulation product line on both new and fielded simulators, providing these devices with high-definition databases, image generation systems, physics-based technology and complex environments that involve thousands of entities. As a result of these technology advancements, at L-3 Link we’re setting new standards for simulation-based training realism.​​​