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Flight Simulation

​At L-3 Link we know the success of military aircrew training systems and flight simulators is ultimately measured by the ability of aircrews to achieve maximum operational proficiency. To ensure this goal is reached, we apply the finest instructional technology to design, develop and field cost-effective training systems and flight simulators that produce mission-ready personnel.

L-3 Link is a world leader in providing advanced flight simulation solutions for a wide range of advanced fixed-wing, rotary-wing and unmanned aircraft platforms. This is underscored today through our position as:

  • the sole provider of F-22 pilot trainers
  • the world leader in F-16 and F/A-18 simulation
  • prime contractor on AVCATT and a major subcontractor on Flight School XXI, two of the U.S. Army’s transformational rotary-wing training programs
  • prime contractor on the U.S. Air Force’s Predator Mission Aircrew Training System, the first high-fidelity UAS simulation system to be fielded to a U.S. military service
Fixed-Wing Simulation

Fixed-Wing Simulation

At L-3 Link we are continually investing in the future of fixed-wing simulation. Find out how our leadership in the industry is underscored by a number of currently operational fixed-wing simulators.

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Rotary-Wing Simulation

Rotary-Wing Simulation

Our highly-experienced rotary-wing training and simulation teams are supporting major aviation programs designed to produce combat-ready aviators.

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Unmanned Aircraft Simulation

Unmanned Simulation

Our commitment to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) excellence is underscored today through our simulation of advanced UAS platforms and partnerships with leading academic institutions.

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The foundation to many of our training devices is our HD World® next generation simulation product line. Today, HD World is providing pilots and aircrews with more realistic and relevant training scenarios that better prepare them for the combat and peace keeping missions they will undertake.

Our flight simulation programs are marked by the ability to reduce:

  • new program risk
  • non-recurring costs
  • and the time required to delivered customer-tailored training solutions by leveraging all of our IR&D and simulation program technologies

L-3 Link’s Common Training Solution Architecture™ also enables us to provide technology insertion models and reuse capabilities that lead the industry.