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T-1A Ground Based Training System

L-3 Link has supported the U.S. Air Force’s T-1A Ground Based Training System (GBTS) since 2001.

During this period we have provided cost-effective contractor logistics support (CLS) and high-fidelity training systems that enable the T-1A GBTS to produce highly qualified graduates prepared to operate our nation’s airlift and tanker fixed-wing fleets.

At Pensacola Naval Air Station in addition to Randolph, Columbus, Laughlin and Vance Air Force Bases, today we are modifying, maintaining, and providing CLS for:

  • 16 T-1A Operational Flight Trainers (OFTs)
  • 14 T-1A Avionics Part Task Trainers

The high-fidelity T-1A OFTs are used to support instrument, navigation, low-level flight and formation training. Low-fidelity navigational airfield databases have been replaced with enhanced imagery to support higher resolution training requirements.

In addition, L-3 Link has modified two OFTs to support a Combat Systems Officer training capability that provides transparency to the aircrew as they transition between the OFT and aircraft for advanced navigation, mission management and electronic combat.

Instructor operator stations also have been enhanced, enabling more time to be devoted to the training mission by allowing simulated routes and waypoints to be easily loaded and recalled.

Legacy OFT CRT-based stimulated avionic displays have been replaced with simulated LCD displays to maintain a common hardware baseline with new OFTs. This conversion provides additional assets to the T-1A supply system for aircraft support.

The L-3 Link-operated T-1A GBTS Training System Support Center provides ongoing program support that includes:

  • Obsolescence analysis
  • Training system hardware and software updates
  • Concurrency management