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P-3C Training Devices

U.S. Navy mission crews today are training on P-3C Tactical Operational Readiness Trainers (TORTs) and P-3C Forward Deployed Trainers (FDTs) built by L-3 Link.

We have built and upgraded P-3 trainers for the U.S. Navy for over 40 years. Our depth of experience has enabled us to deliver new and upgrade fielded P-3C training devices cost-effectively and timely, ensuring these trainers remain concurrent with the aircraft and continue to support critical crew mission readiness.

High-fidelity P-3C TORTs enable aircrews to achieve certified crew readiness training and are designed to match the aircraft’s interior physical arrangement.

P-3C TORTs include positions for the:

  • Tactical coordinator
  • Navigation/communications
  • Non-acoustic sensor and acoustic sensor crew stations
  • Pilot and co-pilot flight stations

P-3C FDTs are designed to:

  • Accurately simulate all three of the platform’s acoustic and non-acoustic sensor operator consoles
  • Help aircrews maintain their proficiency in tracking targets over complex operating environments
  • Enable modular consoles to be flexibly arranged to operate within small footprint requirements

L-3 Link-built P-3C trainers enable P-3C AIP aircrews to focus on maintaining their Anti-Submarine Warfare; Anti-Surface Warfare; and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance skills. Overall training costs to the U.S. Navy also are reduced due to the ability to conduct crew qualification flights on the Link-built trainers vs. the actual aircraft.