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F-16 Mission Training Center

L-3 Link is developing and delivering F-16 Mission Training Centers for the U.S. Air Force. The program includes options for the production, delivery and sustainment of up to 20 four-ship F-16 MTCs at Air Force installations in the U.S., Europe and Pacific region.

High fidelity F-16 MTC simulators will accurately model all of the fighter aircraft's weapon systems and ordnance. The simulators are being delivered in Block 40/42 and 50/52 configurations to support basic and advanced pilot mission training, tactics validation and mission rehearsal.

The F-16 MTC program is integrated with L-3 Link's next generation HD World® visual and display simulation technologies. These advanced simulators are integrated with high definition databases, image generation systems, physics-based processing technology and visual system displays to create highly realistic and relevant training environments. HD World's visual display component, SimuSphere® HD, will provide each F-16 MTC training device with an immersive field-of-view that can display out-the-window imagery at 20/40 visual acuity.

Each F-16 MTC installation will consist of four high-fidelity training devices that are integrated with a 360° visual display, robust synthetic environment, instructor/operator station and brief/debrief station. The simulators can be operated individually or linked together to provide four-ship training, both within the MTC and the service's Distributed Missions Operations (DMO) network environment.

L-3 Link has provided the U.S. Air Force with the majority of its F-16 pilot training devices since the first platforms were fielded in the1970s.