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E-3 Flight Crew Training

L-3 Link’s long-time role as a leading provider of aircrew training systems is being underscored today on the U.S. Air Force’s E-3 Contractor Training and Simulation Services (CTSS) program. We have been the incumbent on the E-3 CTSS program since 1993 and today provide support that includes:

  • flight crew training
  • classroom, computer based and simulator instruction
  • initial, continuation and mission qualification training to a guaranteed level of proficiency
  • operation, maintenance, modification, configuration management, quality assurance and contractor logistics support

The L-3 Link-owned E-3 CTSS facility is supported by a team of professionals totally committed to delivering world-class training. To date, this commitment has been underscored through the instruction of more than 2,300 E-3 flight crew students who have amassed approximately 88,000 hours on the program’s training devices.