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Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT)

L-3 Link – prime contractor in building and delivering 23 mobile, reconfigurable Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) suites – today is providing AVCATT Post Deployment Software Support program management in addition to UH-60M and CH-47F concurrency modifications.

AVCATT is a key component to the Army’s combined arms tactical training strategy. Each suite consists of:

  • Six reconfigurable manned modules that can simulate AH-64A/D, OH-58D, UH-60A/L and CH-47D platforms
  • Battle Master Control room that monitors training, adjusts conditions as desired and records mission performance for after action review use
  • After Action Review Theater that supports aircrews’ review of unit performance

AVCATT suites also have become the first U.S. Army training devices to be successfully integrated with the service’s Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core) products and common visual components.

Moving forward, L-3 Link will continue to make upgrade and concurrency efforts that will improve AVCATT’s ability to provide realistic training that can be scaled to meet specific instructional objectives.