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Business and Government Training Solutions

As part of L3 Simulation & Training business divisions, L3 D.P. Associates provides training solutions for commercial and government organizations including medium and enterprise business, private industry, training centers, law enforcement organizations, emergency service responders, the port and maritime industry and commercial aviation industry.

Our solutions range from employee training and career development to driver training for police officers, fire truck operators, commercial pilots, and truck drivers. L-3 DPA's comprehensive training solution addresses both skill development from basic to complex and the full spectrum of learning environments from one-on-one instruction to high fidelity simulation. ​If your organization needs it, we also help to design and develop training centers and electronic classrooms to meet your education and capacity building demands.

Custom commercial training solutions from L3 DPA can ensure that:

  • Your organization gains the practical knowledge they need to perform their jobs
  • Training that has been tested and proven by workforces in some of the world’s most challenging environments​ including the military, public safety and first responders, transportation fleet owners, maritime crews and others.
  • Your organization invests in a proven approach to training that looks at the human performance objectives for each job and then designs and integrates adult learning techniques and technology-based tools into a system that delivers work performance improvement

Driver Training Solutions

Learn how to build a safe, effective driver training solution complete with classroom instruction, online courseware, driving simulators & performance review.

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Maritime Training Solutions

Browse real-world industry applications below to learn more about how maritime training & simulation systems can be custom-tailored for your organization's fleet.

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