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Equipment Solutions

L-3 Link UK’s Reality Equipment Solutions feature a suite of simulation devices that cover every aspect of your flight and maintenance crew training needs.

Our full range of training devices are driven by common simulation software, ensuring that we deliver standardized systems that best support customer requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of FAA/EASA/ICAO-compliant part and full task simulation training devices. Each of these trainers can be integrated with either your own or another vendor’s training subsystems to meet the following requirements:

  • Ab Initio via MPL Phases 1 to 4
  • Type rating/ATPL
  • Recurrent training, testing and checking
  • Transition
  • Recency
  • Maintenance training
  • Cabin Crew training

Increased modularity, simplicity and flexibility

Our Reality Equipment Solutions’ product line is designed with a modular architecture with common core elements that can operate independently of the aircraft type. Should your fleet or training needs change, the interchange between aircraft types can be accomplished with ease.

Benefit from lower lifecycle costs

Key technologies such as Digital Electrical Control Loading and Electric Motion systems drive down your operational costs through greatly reduced power consumption while continuing to deliver increased reliability and availability above 99%.

Green is good

Our all-new product designs encompass the latest environmental, 'Green' directives and manufacturing processes to drastically reduce carbon footprint and could contribute to your company's carbon credit programme.

We will keep your operations up-to-date as technology evolves

L-3 Link UK continues to lead the way in simulation technology and is able to support full training requirements based upon not just current but future aircraft technology and training models. We also employ common solutions across our product range, including state-of-the-art visual solutions, so that our intelligent systems comfortably integrate with each other.