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Capabilities Overview

Today every aviation training operation is faced with cost challenges, increased competition, changing regulations and the need to increase pilot throughput. The necessity to utilize assets more effectively has never been more pressing, as every business is tasked with delivering more for less.

At L-3 UK we recognize that every training operation has a different set of requirements and different drivers of business success. Total Cost of Ownership means assigning a dollar value to every aspect of operation. Whether you are a pure training business or an airline, cost is key at every stage, not just the price of training equipment but also the total cost of training. Improved lead times are critical if you are to remain competitive as a business. While a greater understanding from us as to where we fit into your business plan, as a whole, is vital going forward.

Simulation and Training for us means reliable and constant Customer involvement that helps you meet your business objectives through providing a wide range of refreshingly innovative integrated solutions. Not simply more effective and flexible products, but a complete range of support services, outsourcing solutions and financial options.

A customer-driven response

Based on research findings our airline and flight-training Customers expressed the need for the following business drivers to be radically addressed:

  • Provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution to pilot training
  • To have solutions in place that will accommodate the ramifications of new regulatory requirements that are yet to be formally implemented
  • To further enhance flight time availability and reduce through-life costs
  • To increase the residual value of existing assets
  • To communicate with our Customers more often to maintain awareness of the industry's ever-evolving needs from a business point of view.

Having given these research findings our full consideration we have formulated a program of product and service development to maximize the adaptability of our overall offering. We think you will notice the difference.